Hey guys,

I started this thread because I am curios what you guys think of the "NFL Europa" formerly known as "NFL Europe"? And I know there are LOTS of football fans on this board so here it is.

In Europe American Football is still pretty unpopular (Rank #43 of popular sports) but I love it and used to play it, too.

I don't know how well you know about that league but the idea is to bring young talented players to Europe and if they prove their value they'll get into the NFL. At the same time American football gets brought to the European folks and the NFL hopes to increase their merchandising money (thats why there will be regular season games outside the US, too). That's the idea.
In this years Superbowl alone there were 8 players who played the NFL Europe:

Indianapolis Colts: TE Bryan Fletcher (Berlin, 2003/04), K Adam Vinatieri (Amsterdam, 1996), RB Kory Chapman (Cologne, 2005) and TE Aaron Halterman (Dusseldort, 2006). Coaches:Pete Metzelaars (2003) and Richard Howell (1999) Barcelona Dragons
Chicago Bears:LB Brendon Ayanbedajo (Amsterdam, 2001), TE John Gilmore (Amsterdam, 2002), DE Israel Idonije (Berlin, 2004) and OG Anthony Oakley (Frankfurt, 2005)
So this shows the NFLE players get the chance to develop into football stars.

I know this league gets shown on television in the US. Do you guys watch that? Do you know any players there? What's your impression of the league?