I had hoped to edit the video that would play when the boys are inducted into the Hall of Fame, but unfortunately another production company is involved in the event. I have only been asked to provide footage for the show. Producing and editing Sammy's videos since 1999, has allowed me to gather a large batch of Sammy related material, but unfortunately very little VH.

I have the official VH releases of everything, and a few archival related videos, but not much else. Always trying to over-achive I thought I would ask any of you die-hards for any interesting VH material that you could easily copy to DVD. Concerts, Award Shows, TV Interviews, etc. I also could pass on to the production company any of the CVH that is out there.

I have been given no budget for this, I am just trying to help a fellow editor, get the job done. If you have anything of interest, I certainly would help with postage and dubbing fees.

Please send me a private message about what you have to contribute to the show. Of course, they asked for this material ASAP, so speed would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,