No BS, No Slight of Hand $ No Prospect for Success,
How can this band not appreciate that their handling of the reunion is half assed; if they make it out of the rehearsal parking lot I think we all will be suprised.
A perfect opportunity to address the infamous "fifth" member of the band and they elect to employ egocentric behavior. Ever since OU812, sampled or prerecorded music has been utilized by Van Halen, however, it does not even remotely generate the same vibe as having a real member of the band take on the effort. How kick ass would it be to see Wolfgang kick out "1984" followed by "Jump" on keyboards instead of some lame ass prerecorded shit. David, Edward, Alex and Micheal could then let the "live" element flourish as opposed to playing to sampled music. In addition, Wolfgang would serve a very effective and needed purpose while at the same time displaying his God given gift.
Remember when they produced albums in days not years (VHII, WACF).
This "Best of Shit" is extremely lame. Whatever happened to the "WDFA" attitude? Does anyone in the VH Camp have balls or are they all on backorder?
It is not to late to let the Mighty VH eclipse this sorry ass RNR landscape, but the clock is ticking, don't do it for the VH fans, do it for the people in Iraq that could use an infusion of that great Van Halen attitude. Fuck it, I'll pay you for it, what the fuck?