Now that it has officially been announced that Dave is back in the band, and Mike is out, obviously there is going to be a lot or excitement and disappointment at the same time. It's no secret that nearly everyone associated with the running of this site is very disappointed that Mike is not being allowed into this "reunion."

With that said, there is not going to be a war on this site between people going to the shows, and those that are not. Threads will not be hijacked to get into petty arguing over this whole situation. There will be plenty of places for everyone to vent (whichever way they feel), and it won't require attacking each other, because nobody is going to win in the end.

Let's try to have some semblance of respect for each other, because I know it's going to get very heated and very busy around here the next few months. It's OK to not be in love with the fact that this situation has occurred (everyone knows I am not), but we should all be able to have an open dialog about this whole thing, without hijacking threads, and getting into childish wars.

This site has always been for all VH fans, and no one is required to support what VH is doing now, but you should support having a site where we can all co-exist without killing each other over something that none of us can do anything about.

That's pretty much it. Later.