I remeber Dave writing in his book how he wanted a warm up in 1996 before recording the songs for BOV1 and even offered to do a small tour with a side band to get ready to sing, which was nixed by the VH Bros. At best, we can hope (and I know it's a longshot)that this summer tour is a warm up for a fall recording session.

I, however, think that Ed does not have his heart in it. Given the poor showing of "3" - which by all accounts was his baby, the ultimatum from WB - which I believe was issued, and, most importantly, his health problems.

Folks, it may be time to turn out the lights. Listen to the classic VH on the radio and CD, see Dave on the "Geezer Circuit" at the local race track's free summer concert series (sandwiched between Cheap Trick, Pat Benatar, and REO Speedwagon), and, of course, laugh at the only folks screwed worse than us fans ...

Peavey and Yamaha.