1. On Fire 3:06
2. Feel Your Love Tonight 3:56
3. Running With The Devil 3:27
4. Atomic Punk 3:28
5. Little Dreamer 2:58
6. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 3:48
7. Ice Cream Man 3:29
8. Ain't Talking About Love 3:47
9. Eruption 3:20
10. D.O.A. 4:54
11. You Really Got Me 3:50
12. House Of Pain 3:43
13. Running With The Devil 3:29
14. Down In Flames 4:34
15. Bullithead 3:13

Total Time - 55:14


* Tracks 1-11 are taken from the Oct. 15, 1977 show at the Pasadena Civic. The only difference is that all of the talking between songs has been edited out, so none of Dave's on-stage banter on this disc. Other than that, it's a great sounding recording. Ed is in fine form as usual.
* Tracks 12 and 13 are taken from the demo tape produced by Gene Simmons of KISS. No other taped copies of these two songs can touch these tracks in terms of sound quality. This is a great opportunity to hear two great songs in their early forms, complete with some great overdub work by Ed.
* Tracks 14 and 15 are taken from their New Year's Eve, 1977 gig at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Hollywood. As far anyone knows, these are unreleased originals, not cover tunes. Sound quality isn't quite as good as the other live tracks, but still are pretty good given their age.
* Artwork incorrectly indicates the Oct. 15, 1977 date as Dec. 20, 1977.