Hey Squalen- I wish to have you give a State of the Union address......
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    Default Hey Squalen- I wish to have you give a State of the Union address......

    Hey Squal, I really enjoy your post/replies. As you are truly a gifted wordsmith. I have continually seen you destroy all posers, alias pussies, dumb fucks and all the like and get some daily laughter which I much need in my demure exsistence at you and Brett's reponses to the many mentally challenged on this site. I was wondering if we could all have kind of a Van Halen "State of The Union Address" from the Great Van Squalen!

    Now with a person of your stature/ intellect one could look at this post as hinted with mild sarcasm... I assure you I'm sincere and not either a fuckin teabagger or an apple polisher. I just would like to hear you wax philosophically the way only you can do my friend in all that is or was Halen!

    Kind of your War and Peace. Your Mona Lisa. Your, well you get the idea. If that one fucker from the links ( no disrespect intended dude)could write a book that get's all the acclaim, you could write the novel of all novels except of course if Mikey would let it rip....oh how I can't wait till that day when the cup runneth over for Mr Anthony on our favorite Soap Opera. Until then I would like your piece de renaisance...

    Am I alone or would the rest of you near-do-wells like to read such work from the master? Let your voices be heard to inspire the great one...and if you're a hater? You clearly suck cock by choice!

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    This forum is to talk about Van Halen. Not other members. So I am closing this.
    Right Now you're reading my post!

    I can't stand rap....people who can't sing do rap....you can sing rebellion as well as talk it....Hitler would have been in a rap band...

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