Hi all!! First of all -as always- excuse for my english.
It's been a long time since I posted here last time,and many things happened: I've had the chance to meet Mr. Reb Beach who's a beautiful person and a EVH fan. I've talked to him for a lot of time and he was so cool with me. I was astonished being there talking to my biggest influence on guitar playing (I had the chance to meet Evh in milano in 95, but wasn't that cool)

But I posted this thread for another reason.
I've seen some news here and there about a reunion with DLR () and I wanted to see what heppens here on the good old VhForums..
And what I see??
Everybody is against EVH, his choices, what he says, the way he wears...
OK I'm with you people whe you say that's a shame Mikey is out of the band, BUT he signed a contract about that. He has no more rights on VH. That's all. Finished. It's sad, but it's just business. VH became great because of business, because we bought all their CDs/LPs/Cassettes.. It's just part of the game. Now, well... If the reunion happens, just enjoy it. If you don't want to go see the band, simply don't buy the tickets. It's easy, but please, don't speak against EVH, AVH, don't start threads DLR vs. SH or "i'm not in if there's no mike". Until a few years ago we would go crazy if DLR and EVH had played together, even without Alex or Mike. So now what's the problem. Leave the people make their choice. Maybe the choices are right, maybe are wrong, but we cannot judge them.

I just wanted to say that because I have the feeling that there is too much hate in this board.. Maybe I'm just getting older..

Thanks for your patience, I don't want to be against somebody. I just wanted to share my feelings. VHForums will always have my full support.