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    Default The "Guy" at updates.... had this information posted. I thought it was some good shiz. Anyone else heard of this information?

    posted: 11-01-2006 at 08:32 PM
    On the Rocky Balboa soundtrack, the answer is no. Ed was never approached by Stallone and nor will there be anything from Ed on the soundtrack. This came directly from Ed himself.

    On reunion with Dave, things are still going strong and very positive. Eddie is very excited about this and is hoping to make it official very soon. Perhaps not too far after Dave's tour wraps up in a week, but we'll see.

    Don't hold me onto the Thanksgiving date, we all know this is Van Halen, but it won't be too far from that on either side.

    On Mike being involved, as he stated before the door is open for Mike. Its up to him, does he want to continue as a member of Van Halen or does he want to play with Sammy. Sam by the way is not a member of Van Halen anymore, someday it will be official on Van- If Mike does not want to do it, then it looks like Wolfie will play a part and/or someone else too.

    Eddie no longer has bad feeling toward Mike for his gigs with Sam, he still doesn't like how they labeled it as the "Other Half" though.

    Ed has cut his drinking way down, his playing in the studio is top notch Eddie and he has been blistering through the old stuff note for note and dead on with Al and Wolfie.

    That all I know right now.


    posted: 11-05-2006 at 08:12 PM

    Good news and bad news.

    First with the bad, it doesn't look like Mike is willing to be a part of this as of right now. Things however are not set in stone. He is leaning to sticking with Sammy.

    Now for the good news. Its pretty much a done deal now with Dave coming back. Wolfie as of now is in Van Halen. Like I said last week, they are absolutley ripping through the old material like crazy. I have seen it personally and I can't believe that a kid his age has the chops he has, and not just on the bass.

    I really think people will be very impressed by this and the doubters will become believers. Sad about Mike, but its not the worst thing to happen, trust me.
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