Paul Stanley in Chicago show -DVD
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    Default Paul Stanley in Chicago show -DVD

    So we went to the show last night to see what I consider is one of rock and rolls greatest frontmen. it was general admission at the House of Blues and YES they did film it for a DVD. I went because it was him even though I swore off general admission shows because of the chaos. So the plan was get there about an hour before dors open and find a copple seats along the side and casually enjoy the show. HOWEVER after about 20 minutes of waiting in line here comes Paul's management and they pull us out of line and proceed to tell us they are filming and want front row filler Girls in front of the guys So of we go into the HOB about 45 minutes before doors open and we are placed against the barrier SQUARE in front of the microphone stand. Side note- if you know me, this kind of stuff happens to me A LOT!! Paul put on a really good show, doing a number of tracks from the new Live to Win CD , a number of tunes from the 78 solo CD and an assorted collection of KISS tunes including Got To Choose, Strutter, a crowd pleasing I Want You, Love Gun, and some rarer played tracks like Magic touch, and Hide your heart.
    His backing band is the house band from the rock star reality tv show and he picked a really talented bunch to back him. I also saw Marty a local from Marty and the Love Hammers up in the balcony and gave got quick exchange of waves with him and I believe the rest of his band...
    So the strange part. 10 minutes before the show they pull about a dozen hot babes probably in their 20s and put them in the pit between the barriers and stage give em all roses and choreograph when they're supposed to give him the flowers and to basically act like eye candy. Of course to get the crowd riled one of the women right in front of us steps up and pulls her top up to rouse a cheer. (I guess theres 1 or "2" in every crowd) LOL. All in all good show
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    At the "Hard Rock" that I visited in Orlando, it would appear that they always have a video feed going, in order to broadcast the live shows throughout the place.

    I've often wondered if they actually recorded each show.

    Yet this does belong in the "Kiss" thread, as we've been discussing Paul's album there.
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