Mr. Postman dropped off a package a few days ago that contained 3 CD's by Gary's new band, Tribe of Judah.

Two of them are live club shows, where TOJ material is performed alongside a few Extreme and VH numbers (no, "More Than Words" is NOT in the set), while the other is a live broadcast from WFNX, a radio station in Boston (?), and that one just rocks! Because it's live in the studio, a radio studio, they can recreate many of the effects they use on the actual record that they can't live.

The songs on this particular disc are "In My Dreams", "Left For Dead", "East of Paradise", "My Utopia", and "Celibate". The live discs are cool. One sounds great, while the other sounds a bit muffled, but you can still make out what songs are being performed, when the people in the crowd aren't making too much noise, i.e. incessant talking.

This TOJ stuff...., man....all I can say is that I have 2 words for it:

Motherfucking INCREDIBLE.

There isn't anything on the radio right now, IMO, that can compare to this material.