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    Default AZTEK SUN

    AZTEK SUN are a Swedish rock band, who had been voted the best Unsigned Swedish Rock Band of 2005. These guys are very popular in their homeland but are looking for a new "birth," so to speak, here in the states. Their sound is very modern. While their main influences are bands like Moley Crue, Cinderella, Guns N' Roses, as well as several others, their sound has a newer twist to it, that of an Audioslave.

    I have contacts with all the members and they are very nice people. They're looking for their break in the states, and can get it with your help. I am the administrator of their fan forum along with another guy by the name of Brandon. We went with the invision host for now, just to keep it simple, but will probably move it soon. So, if you like the music, show your support by joining up here:

    They're just a band trying to get their feet in the US, and they need a larger fan base. So check 'em out, and if you like 'em, show your support! The members even post themselves, so you can communicate with them!

    -Zach (Official AZTEK SUN Fan Forum Administrator)

    So has anyone ever heard of them or their music? If you haven't listen to the songs on their myspace. I have a strong feeling you'll probably like these guys!
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