I am posting this for Jeff at the VH Store. There is way too much silly controversy over this video, and I don't want another whole thread of bashing and the morality debate. Eddie Van Halen is involved in this, this is a VH site, and that's that. No one is forced to watch or accept it, but there are people who are interested. I am also closing, since I don't want a huge debate on this. Anyway here's the information.

Van Halen Store just got the "Sacred Sin" DVD's in stock, and I am very impressed! I went straight to the Eddie videos, and I was happy to see there are THREE Music videos, not two, as stated before. The 3rd one is my favorite - the "Catherine" EVH "Studio Cut"... 6 1/2 minutes of PURE Eddie in the studio!

The movie, and the videos, were filmed in High Definition & Widescreen, so these are the only High Def Widescreen Van Halen videos that exist, and the two "Catherine" videos are the only ones that show the inside of the 5150 studio. It's a really nice treat for collectors. And the butchered YouTube samples don't do these videos justice! I like them a lot more on DVD than I did watching them on YouTube, which only show 1/3 the "Rise" video and half the "Catherine" videos.

Also, this DVD Set truly is a "Limited Edition Collector's Set", because it's only available as a 2 Disc set for a limited time, and later on will only be available as the movie itself without the second disc containing the EVH stuff.

Here's the details for the "Win a signed guitar" contest - I'm happy to say the prize is a unique, one of a kind, EVH Art Series guitar... striped, painted, and signed by Eddie himself! An incredible prize! The winner is determined not by some drawing, or other random way. There is some sort of "secret code" in the DVD packaging itself. The secret code is explained on the Ninn Worx website. Check out the link:

Contest, Prize & Secret Code Explained Here.

Since the winner isn't chosen randomly, the winner will very likely be a HUGE VH fan who makes it a priority to solve the code. Very cool.

To order the Set (and save $20 off the suggested retail price), to watch video samples, or for more info on the DVDs, click the link below:

Order "Sacred Sin" 2-DVD Limited Edition Collector's Set