"catherine" the best Edward ever. hate all you want. Ed, don't listen to them.
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    Default "catherine" the best Edward ever. hate all you want. Ed, don't listen to them.

    Never has he bared his soul one-TENTh this much. It's sincere, melodic, lyrical and biting. It's also impeccable. The heavy part confused me a little because it didn't seem to fit but he's brilliant in it and I see what he's doing. He's never SPOKEn so much. This is a man pLAYing his guitar. Not riffing. Not to WOW anyone. But he did me. It's tasteful, still bordering on almost out of control. Sound Familiar? And it SOUNDS like him. Forget all this Satriani-like talk. That's an extremely lazy comparison. This is Eddie playing his instrument and in a way that sounds inSPIred and contextual for the first time in, yes, decades. period. It tells a story he's never even touched. Engaging from beginning to end. He's amazing in this.

    This is the kind of depth he's been wanting to play in for years and, I think, he nEEds to play in for awhile to feel satisfying. And the middle part with the bass solo is grreat and really shows what it would be like [IS like] to hear Ed open up and pour it out. The day of the poppy hard rock song is longgg over.

    And "rise" is so obviously a demo recording i wonder why everyone's getting so worked up over it. it's so extremely casual and play-along and low-tech I have to wonder how many even understand the big picture. And as outdated and no-frills as that drum machine is, it's nice to hear Ed playing to a backbeat. everyone needs new rhythms and new feels. Al is too familiar for Ed to be progressive anymore.

    [appearing in a video for something so obviously a demo recording does confound, I admit. but I suppose that was a marketing decision for the film].

    the porn aspect........ not what i'd have chosen for him, but whatever it takes to get him thinking. small film, yes.... softcore?.... i dunno.

    but "catherine", magic.

    very pleased. Edward, you did it. it's all in the honesty.

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    There's a thread for this already...
    Can't stop...addicted to the shindig...



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