Can't sleep tonight and have been screwing around with some AV software so I figured I'd upload some videos in my collection including a song off the infamous Fair Warning tour bootleg video that is supposedly the only nearly complete show video taped by a fan from that tour. A bit of warning, the quality is pretty awful and the filmer was obviously at the far end of the arena. But the sound is decent and if you're drunk enough or just blind and not wearing glasses while watching, it's a pretty decent glimpse beyond the typical 3 pro shot videos everyone's seen and the really short 8mm filmed snippets from the Chicago 1981 shows that surfaced last year. I'll probably upload Sinner's Swing or Sunday Afternoon/Romeo Delight from this show in the next few days.

Oh, btw the U2 and Loudness(!) clips are pretty cool as well. As for The Lords clip, they're one of my favorite bands and I used to hang out with Stiv Bator back in the mid 80's when he lived in LA. Brian James is probably one of the sloppiest live guitarists I've ever seen though.

One more thing, I wish I'd checked to see if someone had uploaded the performance of Mean Street from '83 though before I went through the trouble of encoding it, lol!