THIS is a great thread and i respect everyone's opinion in it. Kudos for the intelligent posts, regardless of the opinion expressed.

Im in agreement regarding the music. I happen to love it as it represents EVH and his musical passion today. Im not saying I think this is what he's consumed with, as in porno scores, but the fact he's recording and releasing is golden.
I've always been interested in Ed growing and interpreting differing styles. I loved the core of VH3..i didnt enjoy the production or most of Gary, but i've always judged my VH by the music and new music from ed-that music that doesnt try to be somewhere he isnt at that point in his lifew- is all I ever ask, as a fan. Just play whats in YOUR heart and soul and I'm there. I know who Ed is musically, it's been a long relationship. He can put a 'voice' to what I feel in some magical way, as if he has some key to my musical needs,desires and locks. Anytime he brings out the key, whatever kind of music he's playing, as long as his heart is in it, is good enough to me.

Not like a sub-standard, it just always turns out that way. Lucky Me!