Let me tell you why Everybody LOVES Ahmadi-Nejad
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    Default Let me tell you why Everybody LOVES Ahmadi-Nejad

    Read this only if you are interested in a different perspective. Otherwise what I am about to write will seem to you like so much bovine excrement, because it does NOT toe the official line.

    The Middle East constitutes a collection a of different and ancient cultures (Persian, Turkish, Jewish, Arab, Assyrian, Phoenecian et al) that have for centuries tried to dominate the others. But in the interest of being as brief as possible I will cut out thousands of years of history to get to the last few decades.

    Not thirty years ago, Iran was the darling of western nations. Whether during the 70's the Shah became too big for the US/UK's liking - and just how was he overthrown by a clergyman living in a small French villiage - is something that I will leave to the conspiracy theorists. But what we know for a fact is that the Shah was overthrown and Iran was attacked by Iraq only a year and a half later. During the ensuing 8 years Iran was an absolute enemy which meant that Iraq was rolling in the Dollars/Pounds/Francs. The result was a completely devestated Iran and a very strong Iraq which later turned and bit the masters' hands.

    But during the Iran/Iraq war millions of dollars were invested in the countries surrounding the Persian Gulf and NOT into Iran which demographically, culturally and economically would have drawn in much of that investment. Once Iraq itself proved to be too big for its boots, the US implemented its policy of containment, which requires some nations to be made stronger while others are made relatively weaker. There is much to be said about this particular issue but suffice to say that as long as Ahmadi-Nejad continues with his rhetoric of resiliance on the Nuclear issue and outright obliteration of Israel, the US and its allies will be busy pouring money into neighbouring countries as their first line of defence.

    Amongst many Middle Eastern nations there seems to be quite a bit of support for Ahmadi-Nejad's stand against the west. But in my opinion this is a red herring and only designed to encourage him to continue, to Iran's detriment and their own benefit. Everytime he makes one of his strong speeches, Iranians wince while nations like Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait benefit from greater US attention. Ironically even Israel loves Ahmadi-Nejad because finally somebody is overtly expressing sentiments that many have been preaching covertly. And in this Israel can make a clear case and receive approval/understanding for action in its defence. We see the results now on the news.

    Anybody who doubts this let me know and I will elaborate. But bear this in mind: Just what is all of this leading to? In supporting nations like Saudi Arabia (hardly a model of democracy itself) could the US be repeating mistakes of the past? Could it be , as the poet said, that they are breeding snakes in their sleeves?
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    i love chicken.

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    History tells us that oppressive nations build walls to keep people IN, not out.
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    then ill build it from the mexican side. -my reply.

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    What I find most interesting is that your username has been registered on this web site for over 3 years, yet oddly enough you have NEVER made ONE post about Van Halen, or about anything other the Middle East bullshit. Rather odd don't you think, considering this is mainly a site about music and a rock band?

    Which leads me to believe two things.

    1. You are a troll
    2. You are an alias.

    Neither of which do I want on this site, and when I can confirm for sure which you are, you will be gone. For now there's enough topics on the Middle East crap where you could put this, it didn't need a whole new thread.
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