Sammy Hagar/The Other Half
7/8/06 DTE Energy Center
Clarkston, MI
Recorded by Steecoe using
Sony TCD-D7 DAT w/ coresound
binaural mics w/bass roll-off

disc one
01intro montage
02Mas Tequila
04There's Only One Way To Rock
05Rainy Day Women
06Shaka Doobie
07The Girl Gets Around
08Rock Candy
09I'll Fall In Love Again
10Let Me Take You There
11'are we having any fun yet'
12Sam I Am
13Little White Lie
14I Can't Drive 55
15Heavy Metal

disc two
01Bass Solo
02Runnin' With The Devil
03Top Of The World.
04Why Can't This Be Love
05'double, double'
06Good Enough
07Summer Nights
08Right Now
09Finish What Ya Started
10Best Of Both Worlds
11You Gotta Fight
12Rock & Roll

disc one fingerprint
01intro montage.flac:004f7011e3f5bd332c20a5d6d09abc4e
02Mas Tequila.flac:fea5815895cce81568ef6ec4e51fb1b7
04There's Only One Way To Rock.flac:bf6281bb8c61d39a82ae6de671333788
05Rainy Day Women.flac:a6286ebc2e4cefc606cca45875fc2c00
06Shaka Doobie.flac:82caf0c2d6f8a491200b37dad3e5b5cc
07The Girl Gets Around.flac:4600242d0410197874c22ea3b8d46b5d
08Rock Candy.flac:f1c0f5ed59ff828a7369472ad5a8926b
09I'll Fall In Love Again.flac:f89d30a8f637b8e40d5fc6560f1aff6a
10Let Me Take You There.flac:38d8964780ec48734b660cdacd4c5ff0
11'are we having any fun yet'.flac:7fe69772427b7297514d984f2fb3851b
12Sam I Am.flac:78c03682aecb75f8ae8905794370fdd8
13Little White Lie.flac:865dcc0b33f398acb872703eeaf0ce6e
14I Can't Drive 55.flac:53963f94ee2cbd2d2f8ca40c4c0f2dce
15Heavy Metal.flac:820ad25511900f274522656036837129

disc two fingerprint
01Bass Solo.flac:f2eb6bf2aabf5ac2ca2786f7df9cdf46
02Runnin' With The Devil.flac:78c41d403ed98c13e73531e72dfb4aeb
03Top Of The World.flac:8e421323b3e6250b0ac2426bebbcba2f
04Why Can't This Be Love.flac:5e1e3f8a3a65d6dea9f640ad5f2c6124
05'double, double'.flac:5e170de078247238fc426449c735d898
06Good Enough.flac:9c583106990077612d050de4f1f11c9f
07Summer Nights.flac:991a726f5a9eac13b666ccb2e7a850e3
08Right Now.flac:daacf5567ed7a69b70a6121df32caefd
09Finish What Ya Started.flac:23436aea8fb4ea90600a89ed469530a0
10Best Of Both Worlds.flac:d294d9d330b1d52d976e665b2729b2f1
11You Gotta Fight.flac:ee2de9065b2492f302c8db947aa254bd
12Rock & Roll.flac:e7a36168811a73d4aff01bff0e8fa856

I was NOT in the best spot for audio & I had drunks on all sides of me, but considering all that, it doesn't sound too bad....