Work ethic,LSD,Reality ,control and fatherhood
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    11.13.18 @ 07:52 PM
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    I believe with Cherone finally talking and events of the last who knows how many years now finally let all us Van Halen fans to some truths that we didn't realize before or at least didn't want to admit
    1)Eddie has become if not a control freak at least he thinks its his way or the highway
    examples, Sammy's lyrics when Ed decided to take control and decided they could be better he forced Sammy from the band.He did this in a few ways but critizing his lyrics after 4 suscessful albums, trying to get him to work when Sammy was going to be a father again. Bottom line is Ed knew what he was doing and manipulated not only sammy but the fans also, from there it was on to Dave, With Dave it was also Ed's way or the highway.I totally believe Ed meant to deceive both the fans and Roth in order to sell albums but in the end Ed's control was more important. Gary was put in a bad position because he had to try and sound like Sammy and was never allowed to be himself,
    LSD-Actually all singers have the disease but it has been renamed LGD
    No examople necessary
    The reality of the current situation is this
    Ed is not going to give up control in the band. He thought Dave would accept less than a = partnership. When he realized as bad as Dave wants it he is not going to allow himself to get screwed, Ed decided to move on to public pressure and public relations to try and get the public to believe its all Dave's fault. The other reality of the situation is right now Ed is going to be a father to his son while Val is working on TV. Ed has wolfie during the week. We could say that Ed is a great father and I got to believe he is. However is this not what he critized Sammy for. Fatherhood and work ethic? The bottom line is this
    Ed Van Halen is a great guitarist,a ruthless businessman,a great Father
    David Lee Roth is a fantastic showman,a little bit desparate to get back to the level of success he previously enjoyed.
    Also a very good businessman
    Alex Van Halen is to damm quiet to know what is going on with him but he is fircely loyal to his younger brother
    Michael Anthony is a great guy and he is going to go with the comapny line no matter what it is. becasue he knows where his bread is buttered
    Sammy Hagar is happy with his career and life but also a shrewd businessman and longs for the popularity he had whwn he was in Van Halen
    Gary Cherone is the victim, a good guy who is a GREAT SINGER IN HIS OWN RIGHT AND HIS CRIME is to try and replace to legendary singers.
    Van Halen is not going to get back together till Eddie decides the time is right and either Dave or Sam give in to him.For now him being a father is the main thing. And time will allow Van Halen fans to forget about Sammy and Dave and maybe allow us to let them add a forth singer

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by cabowabo49:
    And time will allow Van Halen fans to forget about Sammy and Dave and maybe allow us to let them add a forth singer<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    No way.

    Time just further cements fans' opinions on the band, and the mistakes made surrounding the 3rd singer.

    That 3rd incarnation of the band proved that EVH has no midas touch. Its mediocrity only serves to highlight how much success the band had previous to it. What was once a given is now a huge question.

    Can VH succeed without Roth?

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Mitch Malloy had the sense to back out when he did. However, there was still so much promise for VH with Gary that curiosity was at quite a high level, as were expectations. Unfortunately, the cd didn't live up to such expectations.

    Even if VH COULD 'succeed' with a 4th singer, I don't know of too many singers who would walk into the situation now-it's far more volatile than it was 5 years ago, and would be career suicide for them. I don't think it's an issue as much for the band as it would be for another singer. It's possible that the band could be happy playing in small clubs-ya never know with those guys. No matter what any rumors say about Alex, I don't think they ever NEED to make any more money at this point. They can afford to do whatever they want to.
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    05.18.24 @ 09:59 PM
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