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Here are the videos i took from row MM. It's from my digital camera so the quality isn't that great. Sound isn't that bad..

Fight for your right and Rock 'N roll with kid rock was awesome. He energy level went through the roof when he came out.

Summer nights and Good enough was awesome as well. Good enough was by far the best sounding song. They have that song nailed down, it was very tight.

- Best of Both Worlds

- Fight for your right

- Sam I am

- Good Enough

- Summer Nights

- Mexico

- Heavy Metal

- Why Can't This Be Love?

- Right Now

- Rock N' Roll
Wow - wish there was more of "Good Enough" - sounded great! To hear "Summer Nights" after all these years is amazing, and "Heavy Metal" is always my fave at a Sam show. Thanks for posting these...