Journey's Steve Augeri Caught Lip Syncing?
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    Default Journey's Steve Augeri Caught Lip Syncing?

    If this is to be believed, then...ouch!

    From: Svante Pettersson - view profile Date: Mon, Jun 12 2006 12:15 am Email: "Svante Pettersson" Groups: I am just back from Sweden Rock Festival, one of Europeīs biggest hard rock festivals. At the festival, I was working for Swedish Radio as a producer for some of the live recordings done for the radio. Normally, I am a live sound engineer but once a year, I tag along with my old friends at Swedish Radio to have some fun on this great festival. The biggest topic of discussion among our crew during the festival was without doubt the Journey show. Things started off weird in the afternoon when we realised that not only had they brought their producer and studio engineer Kevin Elson along to mix the show, he had also set up his FOH world at the very back of the house, backstage! He was standing behind our recording truck with his stuff, listening to the mix through two stage wedges standing on top of his console. We were recording the show for the radio and the SRF dvd but beside our 48 track Pro Tools recording, we were told by Elson numerous times that we also needed to record his mix that went to the PA. Fine, an extra stand alone CD recorder was brought in. I watched the show from out front and had a great time. The band sounded excellent. I decided to watch the rest of the show from the recording truck. Good sound and tv monitors with a feed from the big screen out front. Even better than watching in your living room. :^) I went backstage and on the way, I checked out Kevin Elson in action at the same time. When I got into the truck, our engineers was making funny faces and saying things like, "poor guy!" Lead singer Steve Augeri could not sing at all! No, itīs not the old rethoric of calling a singer with a bad day someone who "canīt sing". Steve Augeri was constantly out of tune and when he tried to reach the high parts, his voice just died in a sad croak. But didnīt it sound good in the PA out front? I went out to check again. Yes, the vocals sounded terrific. Was I going insane? I went back into the bus and the engineers started to question my sanity too as nothing could be done out front to fix this disaster. The main project manager for our business at the festival showed up and was as surprised and puzzled as I was when he heard what was coming down that vocal line to the truck. After a lot of running back and forth and scratching of heads, one of the recording engineers plugged in a pair of headphones into the CD recorder that was recording Elsonīs house mix. In that mix, the vocals were perfect. With one headphone on and the other listening to our feed in the bus it was obvious that something fishy was going on. We looked at our surveillance camera on stage and noticed a guy sitting a bit out of place to the left of the drum tech. I went up on stage to have a look and there was a guy with two digital multitrack recorders, apparently sending a prerecorded, correct vocal to the house mix but not to our bus. There were also some prerecorded synth pads and backing vocals but we got those to the bus. This raised so many questions and things running in our heads: * This was not a temporary solution to help a guy having a bad day on tour. You donīt bring that rack with recorders and one extra guy on tour to have a backup in case the singer gets a cold. Ok, the rack and the operatot could have been flown in but wouldnīt it have been easier to just cancel the show if the guy was sick? * Another thing suggesting this was not just a guy with a bad throat was that in our feed, the "real" live vocal line, Mr. Augeri was not holding back like he probably should have done if he had a bad throat. He was launching head first into the performance screaming his lungs off. If he has a throat problem, it will only get worse by this behaviour. * Neal Schon of Journey has said in interviews that Augeri had throat problems on the last tour, forcing them to use the drummer to sing lead vocals on some songs. On the last album, Augeri sings half the songs and the other members sing the rest. "Because it was fun" according to interviews with band members. Yeah, maybe so but maybe also to help a singer who canīt sing? * If the singer really is this bad, why not just kick him out? * The other band members put on a stellar show. How do they feel on the bus every night knowing they have to substitute their singer with a tape? How fun can that be? * How could Kevin Elson think that our recording engineers wouldnīt notice anything? Wouldnīt it have been easier to feed the prerecorded vocals to our bus too, or just deny us to record the band. We get to record many bands but there are those that refuse too, without giving any particular reasons. The first time one of our engineers went out to talk to Elson during the show, Elson had the fixed vocals in his monitors but he told our guy that "we probably have to take this home and fix the vocals", as if Augeri had a bad day. Why lie a colleague right in the face like that? Later, the cd from the FOH mix was approved for broadcast the next day. No fixing needed because it was already fixed. I donīt have any strong feelings against spicing up a live show with some fatter backing vocals or backup things that makes the show better but substituting the lead vocals? Reverse karaoke? Iīm a big Journey fan and I donīt get sad or angry, just very confused. /Svante
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    I am closing this. That same article was already posted in the Journey thread. That is where it should be anyway.
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