This has nothing to do with Bigfoot or else I would have put it in the "Paranormal" thread.

These guys go traipsing into the thick Oregon woods without a clue.

I just shook my head, they don't call it the wilderness for nothing. Unless you know how to build a rope bridge, you're going to get wet. The smart and fun move is to strip, pack your clothes in your warer-proof backpack and cross nekkid. Option # 2 is to pack a pair of ratty old sneakers that you can put in for river-crossings.Finally, you can just get wet and live with the sattle-sores/diaper-rash that you will get after the first quarter mile and which will only get worse until the hike is over and then you can spend the next few days wearing baggy sweats and applying ointment to the inside of your thighs.

Then, they didn't bring a map. WTF? Then they run into a cliff that drops 75 feet into a stream, so they decide to walk up the ridge instead of going back(the smarter move). Then the sun starts to go down and nobody has brought a flashlight or is carrying warm clothing incase they have to sleep out there. Forgetting that Sasquatch tend to be nocturnal and being out there at night is the smarter move.

Man is in the forrest indeed.