Bats attack philadelphia residents!
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    Default Bats attack philadelphia residents!

    Bats attack Philly

    Bats have taken over a Philadelphia neighborhood, and that is why some families on the block have called Harry Hairston and the NBC 10 Investigators.

    At least two families in northeast Philadelphia told the NBC 10 Investigators that they are attacked nearly every night by dozens of bats.

    In fact, NBC 10 cameras were rolling as the bats came outside, forcing the residents to go inside.

    People from the neighborhood say it happens like clockwork -- as the sun goes down, the bats fly out.

    "You can't stand out there after 8:30. They come out and they are big. They are really big," said Debora Carsello.

    "At least 50 or 60 fly out of the back at their house at dusk," said Kathy McBride.

    What is worse, residents say, is that since the bats have settled into the one house, now the mammals are starting to take over other houses.

    McBride said one bat has moved into her awning.

    Expert say bats spread out and colonize the neighborhood.

    The McBrides and the Carsellos said they have talked to their neighbor, where the bats originated, but haven't been able to get results.

    The NBC 10 Investigators talked to the owner of the property. He admitted that he has bats and said that he is going to get rid of them in a humane way. He also said that this is the first summer he has had bats, but they've been in the neighborhood for a long time.

    Neighbors said they tried to get help from the city.

    "They came over, it was last summer, and they said it was a neighbor dispute and nothing was done," said

    The city's Health Department told the NBC 10 Investigators they have no programs to deal with bats. In fact, they said the city does not even consider bats a health problem.

    Greg Koreck, a bat exterminator at Bucks County Wildlife Pest Control, said that bat droppings -- called guano -- are very toxic. The hazards include tuberculosis, parasites and diseases.

    "This morning I come out and there is bat droppings on my kids toys," McBride said.

    According to the Center for Disease Control's Web site, it is possible to get rabies if a rabid animal's saliva gets into your eyes, nose, mouth or a wound.

    Bat experts said that to completely resolve the problem, they must treat every house in the neighborhood. If every house is not treated, the bats will simply move to another home.

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    So THAT'S where Harry Hairston is these days. He used to be here in Detroit.

    Bats eat mosquitoes. Yay, bats!

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