Hey guys! I don't frequent the forum often, but I received this E-mail from a friend of mine. It says that it is from melodicrock.com on the bottom of the message, so that's where I believe the information is from... It is speculation about some of the band members of VH and what projects they are going to do... Thought you might enjoy! Hopefully, this is new info... also, I'm not trying to get up anyone's hopes up! LoL! I know I'm not...I'll believe it when I see it...

Anyway, thought you might enjoy this...

A new supergroup is being formed in Los Angeles, with plans being formulated for an album then a US tour.
The group will be fronted by former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar. Playing alongside Hagar will be long time friend and current Journey guitarist Neal Schon.
It's no secret that Sammy and Neal have been looking for a situation where they could work together again.
News of the pair's intended plans have been the subject of discussion on a dozen Internet message boards.
Current Journey (and former Hardline) drummer Deen Castronovo is also involved with the project.
But the interesting twist in this tale is the question of just who would be the bass player.The hottest tip out of L.A. for this position is none other than Sammy's former band mate - Van Halen's own Michael Anthony.
Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony have maintained their friendship over the years, despite Hagar's acrimonious split with the band he fronted for over a decade.
The only individual that has recently commented on anything related to the band's activities - Brad Starks, Van Halen's webmaster, was contacted for a comment, but had not replied at time of printing this.
It is understood that a legendary rock n roll manager is behind the super group's plans and is shopping a Studio Album and US Tour package to various companies.The other rumour associated with this super group project is the possible inclusion of a second guitarist.
If so, the hottest tip from LA based sources is that the position was offered to and accepted by former Guns N Roses guitarist Slash.
Planning is still in it's early stages and there is as yet, no suggestions on the board for a name to the project.

Until a formal Press Release is made available, consider this group a work in progress. No one yet seems sure about the time line involved here either. But I hope full confirmation of the band's line up, plus plans for the album and tour will be announced soon.

Schon and Hagar have previously recorded and toured together, with the 80's supergroup HSAS, which was rounded out by Michael Shrieve (drums) and Kenny Aaronson (bass).
Interestingly, Hagar has also shared the stage with Schon and Castronovo on at least one previous occasion - as a special guest of Hardline, live in Marin County, California in 1992. As a show finale, they jammed on the HSAS track Top Of The Rock.

Neal Schon jammed with Slash as recently as last night in Los Angeles as guests of Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers. Slash and Schon both previously appeared as guests on Rodgers' Muddy Water Blues album.
Yet another odd connection between this group of musicians was the recent appearance of Slash performing Eddie Van Halen's famous guitar parts on Michael Jackson's latest TV special.
Neal is again scheduled to guest on stage this weekend - with Sammy Hagar live (February 2 & 3) at Konocti Harbor, Kelseyville, California. Tickets are available from the venue.One big question is whether or not another guest - Michael Anthony - might also join the guys onstage?As for Van Halen - speculation of their future has again been rife after news of the band's amicable split with Warner Bros.
Unfortunately, everything I have been told suggests another year void of activity for the band in 2002.
Despite the passionate fan base holding out for a re-union with David Lee Roth, it appears hopes of that happening are slim.
There are current rumours of a David Lee Roth solo summer tour, plus he is busy currently working on his own DVD release.

Van Halen's webmaster Brad Starks has gone on record saying the split from Warner is a good thing. That might be so, but in the short term it means that there will be little band activity.
If Van Halen - the band did indeed have material with Roth recorded, there is no way that Warner would let the band walk away, or refuse to release whatever was on offer.
Despite a short re-union with Roth in 2000, the band are yet to provide any proof that any music was even recorded. Had the opportunity been there to release a Best Of Volume 2, my personal view is that option would have been taken already.

Industry sources say that Warner Bros. and future perspective labels will not be interested in the band until a line up is formalised.
It has long been rumoured that Warner Bros. wanted either Sammy or Dave back in the band for a new album, but was not interested in making the band an offer for an album with a fourth singer.
With neither re-union failing to materialise, the band and label split on agreed terms. This upholds the premise Starks made clear earlier - that Van Halen was not dropped by Warner.

But all is not lost - even though it appears that Van Halen are without a contract and without a singer, the split with Warner and long time attorney Don Engel is apparently allowing Eddie Van Halen to building the band back up again from square one. Whether the new look Van Halen camp includes Roth, Hagar or a fourth vocalist is anyone's guess.
Whether there will be any kind of Van Halen release this year - Best Of Vol 2 or a compilation of unreleased material - and through whatever label - is once again up for debate.
But either way, it might be some yet until the next chapter of Van Halen's long and colourful career is opened.
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