Two different threads I've read today make me believe that Van Halen the band, and Eddie Van Halen the musician are not taking serious by many rock fans or critics. First, Ed finishes 7th on a list guitar greats behind Slash & Satriani and only 7 ahead of who? Curt Cobain. Then I read a forum on another rock groups' site, where the prevailing attitude seems to be that Van Halen is a washed up, hair band from the 80's and Ed style of playing lacks of any real substance. Why does it seem that unless you write & perform music about serious social themes & issues that nobody takes you serious as musicians. To me, Van Halen music was an offshoot of 50's rock 'n roll a la Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Big Bopper etc., delivered at a ultra high decibel. It's fun, simple, spontaneous and played with high degree of skill. Why is it Ed and the band are constantly dissed by the rock establishment. As great as he is I sometime think Ed is aware of this snub too and that's one of the reasons he probably not keen on getting back with Dave or Sammy. Perhaps he feels the "party down" approach of those singers diminishes the music.