Highlights from Gary interview yesterday
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    Not many but here they are.

    Gary was about an hour late (coming in from NY), they chatted for awhile. he said the reason he left VH was because of the pressure he felt from the "Van Halen" fans and that he and the band had different visions for the music. VH wanted to sound like VH of old. Where gary is a bit more eclectic. They are still good friends, he doesn't have one bad thing to say about Eddie or the whole VH experience.

    He commented briefly on playing with Sammy & Mike at the Mansfield Mass. show and said that was the first time that he had ever met Sammy.
    No mention of who he thinks VH will be working with next, but if we take what he said in an earlier interview he feels that it will be Sammy's turn next. The DJ tried to keep it about Gary and TOJ in the interview and not about VH. Gary wants to move on.

    Like I said, he had nothing bad to say about Eddie. And he is a very nice guy. Absolutely NO LSD.

    As far as TOJ goes, they sound like a cross between Extreme and VH3. and Gary said that they are just beginning to plan their tour. [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]

    And look for Godsmack's drummer, Tony Stewart to be on the skins for TOJ. (He just left the group) [img]graemlins/sssh.gif[/img]
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    oh well, more of what we already know. gary is a class act who got a raw deal. i don't think sammy or dave ever would have got on stage with one another before they hatched this "we need the publicity" tour. at least all three are still in the game, if that counts for anything.



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