Well... if there's gonna be Styx rumors anyway...
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    Hey There,

    Resident Styx/VH fan here. I don't get to read the VH boards as often as I'd like, but Georgie tries to keep me up to date. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    As far as the various Styx questions are concerned:

    1) The "Babe" (I find the term pretty amusing under the circumstances. Kinda makes me feel this desperate urge to pee... I wonder why? ;D )is in fact Mrs Tommy Shaw, aka: Jeanne Shaw. Tommy and Jeanne's first wedding anniversary is the 28th of this month. For those who wanna see more of her, she is on the Styx episode of Behind The Music, she was Tommy's fiancee at the time. She's also in bunches of pictures at Styxworld. I'm sure she'd be amused by how many fans she has over here! *lol*

    2)Styx is in fact touring! Whoever said they aren't... well... go check pollstar. Styx has been in the top 25 tours on pollstar for quite a while now, at points more than once at a time because they have been touring with bunches of different folks at different times. They released a live album called StyxWorld in June this year, and are currently writing songs for their new studio album which hopefully will be out soon. LOTS goin' on in Styxworld!

    3)Styx' manager is Charlie Brusco, I believe the company is called TBA. Their record company is CMC, which is part of Sanctuary Records Group. It's quite possible that VH is associated with either the record company or the management company, but more likely they just happened to be at the same party. Tommy and Jack Blades did some shows with VH back in the mid nineties as Shaw/Blades, and if I'm not mistaken they are all friends, so that is the most likely reason they were hanging together at this particular benefit.

    4)Tommy isn't likely to be the new lead vocalist for VH since not only is Styx touring and writing/recording a new album at the same time, but Damn Yankees has their third album written which unfortunately no one in the band has had any time to work on. Then there's Tommy's solo albums which are supposed to be remastered... the last thing the man needs is another band in his life!! *lol* (Not that I'd be against Tommy being in VH mind you, I think it'd rock! I'm thinking a triple bill: Styx/Van Halen/Damn Yankees... a chick can dream!)

    5)Tommy has heard of cheeseburgers but doesn't eat them. He was a strict vegetarian for a while (oddly enough while he was touring with Ted Nugent), but now simply avoids red meat. Personally I think he could stand to have a few Twinkies, but he's pretty ripped and I can live with that. *g*

    6)Styx without Dennis DeYoung ROCKS MY FACE! Think an entire setlist of songs like "Renegade". Just make sure you don't drink too much at the show since there's no more pee-break now that they don't have to play "Babe" anymore.

    7)Styx fans are pretty lucky that the guys in Styx are extremely fan friendly. Sometimes I think we know more about what's going on with Styx than the guys in the band do. *lol* I wouldn't come down to hard on Eddie for not being more internet involved though. I'm sure the cancer has taken a lot out of him, and it's probably best for him to focus on his health, new music, and his family. I think he looked great in the Styx website photos, and only hope that Tommy starts taking hair tips from Eddie and stops cutting his so darned short!

    Resident Styx Chyk
    Keeper of the Sacred Styx Archives

    Home is where your stuff is. - T.Shaw 1983
    "But kilroy... what about... the young people... of America... they're gonna KILL me! I'm going to die in Texas"-- Tommy Shaw on performing "Kilroy Was Here" at the enormodome in Texas

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    Thanks for the info, Vicki. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    "VH rocked Staples like a foot rocks grapes in Naples." - mistere

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