Have you been wondering what the staff of DLRARmy.com been up to lately? Well, besides stockpiling weapons of mass entertainment, Sarge and Albert R have been involved in a very prestigious endeavor. We are the webmasters responsible for the relaunch of the official Atomic Punks website!
We are talking about Van Halen Tribute, Atomic Punks Style! Not only have the Atomic Punks torched (they are On Fire!) So.Cal with their brand of Van Halen tribute, they now have whole-hearted intentions of doing the same to the internet!

Ralph Saenz brings to you the all new Official Atomic Punks website, complete with more new features than your uncles satellite dish. Incorporated within a weave of video, audio, and pictures lies a flair of old school Van Halen.

So if you are a fan of the Atomic Punks or just plain curious, be sure to stop by and take in a video, or browse through the picture archives.

We salute the Atomic Punks in their effort to celebrate and revel in Classic Van Halen and Diamond David Lee Roth!
Visit The Site!

Link http://www.theatomicpunks.com
The Official Atomic Punks website!

David Lee Roth Army Site