Does This Make Sense?
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    We've discussed EVH's ego, health, greed, etc.

    I too, am very disappointed with the band, but let's move forward for a second:

    In spite of all that has happened, and in spite of the fact that Van Halen is no longer affiliated with Warner Brothers, they still are relevant. They still have the ability to make headlines.

    If the band no longer held it's place in the hearts of everyone, than why are people still discussing the band? Why does Eddie keep appearing on the covers of guitar magazines?

    Bottom line:

    Van Halen has kept everything locked up tighter than a virgin's, eh, you know what.

    I guarentee you that reporters are dogging the band. Think about it; if the Enquirer broke out with some new information, they'd sell hundreds of thousands of copies - and they know that.

    If Eddie were very ill, then why no story? You mean to tell me that it has been almost a year, and absolutely nothing has leaked? Not a thing? Not an "Eddie Van Halen was spoted at so and so clinic"?

    No. For the past year, it has been absolutely nothing. But it has been conspicuously quiet.

    I think that the master manipulator of the media is at work: DLR. Think about it, at around this time last year, it was, what seemed like a daily volley between DLR and EVH.

    I bet the band is gonna do something big, remaining silent, and is making the band a daily topic with the finer details (WB split, copyright, etc).

    What do you guys think? Does what I say make sense with regard to Ed?s health?

    Even someone with celebrity status, if they?re ill, can?t keep things this quiet.
    "The day will come when it will sound better, but it will still be digital. To me, it just isn't musical. And when it comes to music, I'm the Unabomber of digital technology. I hate it." -Eddie Van Halen

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    This is a good topic for Speculation. I'm moving it there now.
    Right Now you're reading my post!

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