Found this on the Mystique web site...


Sammy Presents Miss Cabo Wabo 2001

Sammy Hagar, former Van Halen front-man and the creator of Cabo Wabo tequila, will be the special guest on the holiday edition of "The X Show" on Thursday, Dec. 21. Hagar will crown "Miss Cabo Wabo 2001," while "The X Show" hosts will announce the Grand Prize winner of the Cabo Wabo Sweepstakes.

The contest will take place between Dec. 11-20. Viewers should watch "The X Show" nightly to hear one of the hosts announce "The X Show Model of the Day." They then must logon to and enter the modelís name for a chance to be entered in the contest.

While online, viewers will also be able to vote for their choice of "Miss Cabo Wabo." From this "election" the top four vote-getters will be flown to Los Angeles and appear on "The X Show," where Hagar will crown the winner on Dec. 21. That same night, the Grand Prize winner of the contest will be announced and will win two round-trip tickets to Cabo San Lucas, three nights hotel accommodations, car rental, dinner for two at Hagarís Cabo Wabo restaurant, plus an opportunity to meet Sammy Hagar and Miss Cabo Wabo 2001.

Dave or Sammy....I don't care...let's just get some VH going again!!!!