The Song Remains The Same???
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    10.27.05 @ 04:58 PM
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    I've been watching alot of the VH1 "Behind the Music" shows lately, and after hearing about all the incredible shenanigans some of these bands pulled, I'm just wondering if anything like Van Halens present situation has been pulled off before? By that I mean, has any band in the history of Rock ever just said "Fuck You" to both the fans and the press for this amount of time before?(Regarding info. on the bands present situation) No interviews, no official statement, ZILCH for almost a year. Has this EVER happened before in this buisness?? I'm NOT dogging the band for being silent, I'm just wondering if this kind of thing has ever happened before? It's almost as if these guys are intentionally putting themselves back into the role from which they started, that of the Underdog?????

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    I'm sure there's probably been long waits between announcements before, especially by veteran bands who have much longer stretches between records. And it probably only seems so long because we're all so used to the internet and having such immediate access to information.



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