News ??? (Maybe another rumor)
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    This was posted by Stevie Wonder over at the Dome. Take it for what it is worth.

    No news is good news? Good news is good news...
    You people will just have to trust me on this. My word is gold. Warner Brothers will go bezerk once this gets out. I've worked with them for quite a while now and I feel that silence isn't good for the fans. Screw WB and screw the silence. Here's the scoop.

    CD "Off Center" will be released on June 26th.

    Almost confirmed track list (It might not be in this order or there could be a track or 2 substituted):

    1. Jupiter
    2. The Asylum
    3. Don't Wanna Wait For Your Lovin'
    4. St. Helens
    5. Eruption PT 2
    6. What I Like About You
    7. Wrecked
    8. Fury Of The Crowd
    9. I Want It All
    10. Remember Me?
    11. Lets Get Rockin'

    The tour will begin on July 28th. It will consist of all the major American cites along with an extensive tour of South America and Europe. Australia hasn't been confirmed yet but if the album needs extra support Van Halen will schedule a few Aussie shows.

    The artwork for the promotional album cover I've see has a completely new Van Halen logo on the front. It's shades of the old Van Halen logo updated for the 21st century. I'm telling you it was amazing. Whoever did the artwork for this thing knew what they were doing. Words don't even begin to describe it.

    More to come..

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    Im not trusting stevie wonder on what the design of a new logo look like man LOL

    Seriously tho, message board rumors are just that until confirmed otherwise - and we've all seen a LOT of board rumors go nowhere, so I'll move this to the rumor mill, at least till someone can confirm something.
    A little zen....... Headed your way.......



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