A "tabula rasa" for Van halen
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    Since it has been said by both Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar that Ray Daniels has been released by the band and is no longer involved with them.
    Its time for the two sides (Sam & VH) to sit down and talk out what happend during the BO sessions.
    Since it was Ray that negotiated the bands deal with WB that added the "greatest hits' album in it and NOT the band, they split under false pretenses.
    When sammy joined the band, they re-negotiated their contract with WB and eliminated the "greatest hits album" from the old contract they had when Dave was still in the band, then Ray re-instated it in his contract that he did unknowing to the band.
    They got 10 million dollars for doing it, but none of them needed the money but they were obligated to it because of Ray.
    Eddie has said many time before that he doesn't play for the fame & fortune, he plays because its his love. So I really think that he was under alot of pressure for this album.
    Ray Daniels is 1/2 responsible for the situation Van Halen has been in since 1996 and Eddie & Alex are responsible for the other 1/2. They are responsible because they had no clue that their manager was dicking with them and were turned a deaf ear when Sammy tried approaching them about it. Eddie is a better musician than Sammy, but Sammy has alot more business sense when it comes to the music business. After all, he has been around longer.
    With Ray gone, time for Eddie to give Sammy a call and give the man what he wants, an apology. But it takes a real man to apologize, and quite frankly, I am not sure Eddie is capable of doing that.
    If it is as it seems to be right now that Dave is a long shot at returning, Sammy is THE only other option except for the retirement home, which I don't think Ed, AL and Mike are ready for just yet.
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    I think it's somewhat important to note that (to my knowledge) all of that information about the contracts for the 'best of' album come from the alleged chapters to Sammy's book. There's about 18 sides to every story, and that's only Sammy's that we have to go on as to the validity of those different contracts.

    I still maintain that if VH want to get back with Sammy, they have to step up and address the DLR issue.

    Anyway, this seems better suited to the Opinions forum, so I'm going to send it there. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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