I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about the whole VH situation. We were both in agreement that DLR is probably back with VH. The reason we said probably is because nothing concrete has been said. I think someone had listed the facts on another thread but here is what I can come up with:

1.) Gary Cherone is OUT of the band
2.) The DLR Band has disbanded
3.) Sammy Hagar has a solo record coming out
on October 24
4.) Michael Anthony in an interview with Yamaha says that they are recording with
someone we all know well (bad paraphrase
on my part)
5.) Warner Brothers is coming out with the
first 6 VH albums remastered on Sept. 19
6.) Nobody has denied the fact the DLR is
recording with VH

If anybody has anymore facts, please list them. Quoting 'Sherman' doesn't count even
if he ends up being correct.

May the Phoenix that is Van Halen rise again!