Losers With Rumors
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    To the Moderator of VH Forums:

    First of all, I'm fairly new to VH Forums and a huge fan of the band and of the Forums. I find it a good way to get information that you might get from other forms of media, but with valid info on VH Forums, the true fan can stay in tune. So, I apologize if the below is already being handled "behind the scenes".

    Is there any way to ban any idiot that posts a rumor that is quickly found to be wrong and/or the info found out proves that the person was posting purely to get everyone up and crazy? Can't they simply be not allowed to post? I understand that they could sign up under a different name, but at least banning a username gives them another hurdle to climb to post crap. I don't know, I'm not a PC or Internet security expert, so just curious if the Moderators can explain further.

    Look at the idiot in the Rumor section posting that he heard from the usual "reliable source" that Eddie has terminal cancer. I'm tired of all the people posting crap that is quickly found out to be wrong (i.e. TS comes to mind eh?). Like I said, these Forums are great, if they are used properly, fully understanding that not all information posted will be completely accurate. I'm just trying to prevent the blatant idiots from posting, or at least give them some hurdles to climb before posting the crap that they do. All of these "reliable sources" with no references wastes everyone's time.

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    We try our best to keep it to a dull roar - unfortunatly banning really doesnt help in a lot of ways its better to leave 'as is' - then everyone knows the username of the BS artists. We also run IP checks on a few guys that spread BS and expose them when we can.

    In general I think you'll find we run a tighter ship than most in this respect. We try anyways

    Moving this to board feedback BTW

    A little zen... Headed your way...



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