Van Halen will be back, and this time they will be in control
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    Last night I finally got to talk to the entertainment reporter (she was in LA doing an appearance with ET's Leonard Maltin).
    She said she did a little snooping while she was out there and didn't alot of new info but just one kinda big tidbit she got when she spoke to someone "involved" at WB.

    She said, "Van Halen & WB split because of financial matters that they, (WB) were concerned that the risk in putting out and supporting a new VH album wouldn't be worth the risk. WB lost alot of money with VH 3 and are not ready in today's economy to do it again."

    VH also as reported was very unhappy about how WB transformed the sound on 3 to something it wasn't intented to sound like. Eddie wants full control over his music, and plan B is already in effect. Negotiations have already been underway with an unknown label. If things don't work out, expect a VH's own label to be created.

    Another thing that she found out, (true or not) is that a key sticking point in the reunion negotiations is that Dave wanted a guaranteed contract with WB for any solo albums in case he got the boot again from VH.

    It does appear that WB put serious pressure for a reunion, now that they are out of the future of Van Halen, does that mean that Dave is as well?

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    sorry eddymon, your reporter hardly qualifies as a 'reliable source' and as such, this is off to the mill broham!
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