This morning in Gary Cherone's Hotel room!
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    It was earlier than usual when Tom opened his eyes from a good nights sleep. Looking over at Gary who was still fast asleep, Tom could help but think of how lucky he was to have someone like Gary as a room mate and lover. Both in their early twenties, they were different as night and day. Tom was tall and blond with a definite mid western appeal, while Gary on the other hand was short and dark with the thick accent of an east coaster. What they both had in common was a deep love for each other.

    Tom pulled back the covers to expose Gary’s sleeping form, lean and muscled like a swimmer, and it turned him on to his friend naked. When they moved in together over a year ago it was agreed that they would always sleep in the nude so that either one always would have easy access to the other’s body, and at this very moment Tom was looking at Gary’s very hard penis with excited lust! Gary had a beautiful penis! It was uncircumcised and about seven and a half inches long. It seemed like it was hard all of the time, and it was times like this that Tom felt so fortunate! He leaned over and gently took Gary’s hardness into his mouth and sucked softly on the velvety smooth head. In a few moments Gary began to stir and soon a small smile crept across his lips. “Good morning lover,” he said, as he caressed Tom’s cheek. He pulled Tom from his pecker and gave him a deep satisfying kiss, their tongues intertwined as they groped each other’s hardons.

    Gary found Tom’s big cock and softly jerked it as they continued to kiss, God how he loved that big dick, at least nine inches long and big around as your wrist! They had been to many a party that Tom turned out to be the center of attention of, not only because of his Hollywood type good looks, but also because of the massive pecker that hung between his firm thighs! What really turned Gary on was the fact that after all the sucking and fucking were over, Tom always came home with him to their own bed. Gary broke the kiss and whispered, “I’m going to suck you!” With that he slid his mouth down to the huge pecker that was sticking out from Tom’s smooth flat belly. “God he tasted good!” The head was soon back in Gary’s throat as he worked his lips and tongue up and down the blue veined shaft. Hearing Tom groan with pleasure made Gary suck all the harder! There was nothing like sucking cock in the morning, and sometimes a guy just needed to feel a head in his mouth! Gary had a huge oral fixation and he knew it!

    Tom on the other hand loved getting his as reamed out by big cocks, and he was so glad that Gary loved fucking his ass! “Gary,” Tom whispered, “Fuck me, please!” Gary reluctantly let Tom’s meat slip from between his lips and shifted around so he could maneuver his pecker into Tom’s waiting asshole. Wetting his hand with his own saliva, Gary moistened his own dick and also Tom’s asshole so that his cock would slip right in. Once the head had entered the hole, Gary plunged in and out with easy stokes, and Tom began to whimper as Gary picked up the pace of his thrust’s. He reached down and jerked his pecker as Gary gave him his morning ass fuck! By now Gary was pounding his dick in and out of Tom’s now straining butt hole! Both boys were now in the midst of an incredible sexual high! The whole show was now being urged on by the steady thrusting of Gary’s seven and a half inches of manhood! Two young lovers satisfying each other’s enormous sexual needs! Gary reached under Tom and pinched his nipples with his right hand. Tom groaned in ecstasy! Tom yelled, “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass!” With those words both boys shot their loads. Tom’s spewing all over the bed and Gary shooting deep in Tom’s butt, both of them collapsing in a heap on top of Tom’s gooey semen!

    Searching out each other’s mouth, they kissed deeply and held each other gently in each other’s arms. It was almost time for work, but they still savored each other’s company. While taking their shower, they always tried to take them together, they took turns soaping each other’s genitals, taking extra care to make sure that each other’s nut sack got a good going over! Gary had unusually large balls, and Tom always enjoyed the time he took letting them roll back and forth in his fingers. The obvious result of all that attention was to give Gary a nice thick hardon! The warm water coupled with the slick soap, always seemed to give the boys big erections, and it was a joy just to be with another male who was as sexually alive as you were, that being usually having a stiffy while your partner was around! The great thing about being gay was that your lover liked sex as much, if not more than you did! In this case, Gary and Tom would spend all day totally naked, with big erections ready to accept a good sucking at the drop of a hat! Sometimes they would have friends over and just spend a few hours lounging around while watching each other masturbate! It was heaven, ten young men, totally naked, slowly jerking themselves to hard climaxes in front each other!!!

    After getting out of the shower, they both dried each other off, taking a few seconds to give each other a quick little suck! Later that evening after work they would take their time and let each other ejaculate big loads into each other’s warm mouth! Just thinking about it would make the day pass quickly!

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