I know "classic" Van Halen was always about "good times" and, of course, VH has always been notable in its capitalist tendencies (I remember listening to Sammy and Ed make fun of Eddie Vedder for fighting with Ticketmaster)...

BUT it would be nice Dave and the Bros. would set aside their differencies and just try it once again before an audience, perhaps as part of the charity show coming up. It would be perfect because, after all, I believe that there isn't a fireman or cop between 25-40 in NYC who isn't a fan of the classic VH.

BESIDES a live show would probably rekindle the magic that has been so obscured by the VH nonsense.

I will keep my fingers crossed and will watch the telethon. (Unfortunately, all I'll probably get is a nasty case of blue balls imagining "spear"ing Brittney with my flagpole.)