Eddie Van Halen IS Van Halen !
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    Let me introduce myself as a long time lurker but first time poster.

    There is much talk about what Eddie's next move will be with HIS band. I mention Eddie as the key
    person in the decision making because simply, it has always been about EDDIE.

    Eddie has always written the music and David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar should be thankful that they even had a part in Rock and Roll history. I hope to God that neither Sammy or Dave is back with Eddie, Alex, and Mike. Frankly, Who cares?!?
    I don't care who the singer is. It was never about who the singer was, just about Eddie's amazing guitar playing! Eddie was and will always be Van Halen.

    I hope Eddie puts out a Santana like record next time. This would be the most ideal move for Eddie.
    Besides contributing lyrics, David Lee Roth was nothing more then a side show.
    And Sammy Hagar was nothing more then a side show playing guitar.
    I will probably be burned for saying all these things about the ex singers but Eddie is the mastermind of Van Halen.

    The only thing left for Sammy and Dave to do now is make money off what Eddie made them into.
    Talk about being hard up for money, Sammy and Dave
    are indeed abusing the Van Halen name.

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    Plenty to argue about there. But, unarguably, this thread belongs in the Opinions forum, so I'm going to send it there now. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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