on the radio and local news about dave and sammy
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    1st the radio talked about dave and sammy touring and the thing is they said sammy said dave you do the dave stuff and i'll do the sammy stuff and then we both will mix it up out there.
    i thought it was dave band then sammys band, but to me it sounds like one band.
    when they said something big was gonna happen could this be the van halen reunion? with both singers. this would be one hell of a way for van halen to make a come back. but when the radio said this about dave and sammy they said now about van halen maybe because they were both in vh or was it a slip up? are local news also talked about dave and sammy but showed footage of a vh video. this could be nothing but it would be great if this is the way vh comes back, i hope vh is apart of this some how.

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    van halen shall return. what you think is nothing might be something after all.

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    I doubt very seriously that Eddie and Alex will have anything to do with it. I also doubt that Mike will play with Sammy on the tour.

    To me, this tour, if it happens, should be called the "Take That, Eddie" tour.



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