Here are my top 45 favorite Van Halen Songs and my Reasons for them
1. Hear About It Later-- Has to be one of the best VH songs with one of the
best guitar solos
2. Panama--Jump Back what's that sound.....can't go wrong with that!
3. Jump--Fun song, just love it, first VH song I ever heard at age 4-7 in
between there.
4. Unchained--Ain't nothin' staying the same... I think that was Van Halen's
5. Runnin' With The Devil-- Pure classic and wonderful.
6. Ain't Talkin''Bout Love-- Classic!
7. Could this Be Magic--I just love it, fun song to learn and go to Denny's
sit back with friends and sing.
8. Women in Love-- I love chick songs that are hot.
9. Dance the Night Away-- Well who wouldn't??
10. Loss Control-- Well in Classic Van Halen, what else are you to do.
11. Take Your Wiskey Home--Well I would, how bout you?
12. Little Guitars--Bad ass song, how about that seniorita?
13. The Full Bug-- So what is the best part of a man... In Dave's eyes only
a girl knows on that.
14. I'm the One-- Dave knows I know.. Who else knows??
15. Drop Dead Legs-- Have to say... Gotta give it to Dave.
16. Good Enough-- She's good enough too....
17. Why Can't This Be Love-- knoced me on my ass when I first heard this
then said..."Why Can't This Be Dave?"
18. Dreams-- I love it too...
19. Mean Street-- Love the guitar.. Lyrics fit too..
20. Mine All Mine-- Good tune.
21. When It love-- So how does it feel??
22. Feels So Good-- Reminds me of my days of being a Gymnast.
23. Cabo Wabo-- Just a jam.
24. Poundcake-- Cuz she's down home.
25. Run Around-- Here we go...
26. Man On A Mission-- Sammy says it better.
27. Top Of The World-- Well who wouldn't want to stand on top of the world?
28. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (live 93)-- I like how Sammy sang it.. ( I know I gotta
get off this shit.)
29. Won't Get Fooled Again-- Eddie plays awsome on this.. Not a bad cover.
30. Can't Stop Lovin' You-- Well I can't.
31. Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)--Cuz I don't want to hear about it!
32. Not Enough-- Best VH ballad.
33. Feelin'-- AMAZING!!!
34. Batuchitherm-- It takes you on a trip.
35. 5150-- HOLY SHIT!! It is a jam!
36. Humans Beings-- Has to be the best Sammy-VH song!
37. Can't Get This Stuff No More-- Well Fuck it!!
38. Me Wise Magic-- Do you believe???
39. Summer Nights-- And my radio.
40. And The Craddle Will Rock.....--And Roll
41. Dirty Water Dog-- Well Gary has a special place in my heart...One of two
favorites on this album, number one..
42. From Afar-- That had to be a Dave song, number two.
43. In A Simple Rhyme-- Davey, Mikey, Eddie, Alex... Can;t rhyme any better
44. Everybody Wants Some-- Van Halen!!
45. Aftershock-- I think we are all suffering an aftershock, cuz VAN HALEN

Hey everyone what are your favorite VH songs, and your reasons why......

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