after readin the newest. posting on van halen unofficial site.
im kinda lost. not that im not all the time.
but i didnt think valerie, cared much for dave era van halen. is that sarcasm. or what, and eddie and the boys are waiting on david lee roth to call them..... and they would continue from where they left off. saying they have been in contact and some studio work indeed done, like the 3 songs dave alleges.
i find it so fuckin bizzare,
why in gods name would they be waiting on dave. or why would valeries say that..
i mean i figure dave to be camping out in the studio, with the freshest of pizza and jack daniels and a couple pairs of undies and socks and some clothes and shaveing kit.
so that the second eddie says. lets tour dave, clicks on his lap computer and has his flight booked. to be there.
i cant see dave being the one. dragging his feet. unless he is getting hair plugs are a plastic surgeon and exstended voice trainging to get back in shape.
dont get me wrong i love dave, but him waiting seems, kinda far etched.
well anyway, atleast there is finally. news trickleing out of vanhalen camp.
thank god eddie spoke and says he is happy and healhy.