I really have this article - but it is down stairs and I am very lazy (so I will be using a lot of approximations).

There was a list of top 25 CD's this year. Topping out of course was lots of bubble gum with +6 million in sales; M&M (in top 5) which is (IMNO) a sad reflection on music and society. The interesting thing was the bottom of the pool was some act at (around) 2 million copies sold. With this being the case - Van Halen with DLR is a cake walk to take top spot next year (if these types of sales continue).

The other interesting thing was that a lot of bigger name bands (Offspring, Marlyn Manson, Greenday) reported as having dismal sales (some not even cracking 600,000).

With no real competition on the radar screen (Aerosmith / G'n'R - maybe) for this category of music - Van Halen will seriously kick some ass in 2001.....that is of course if the CHOOSE TO RELEASE A FUCKING CD (sorry - a perfectly rational post mared by a last minute rant)