Roth Head vs. Classic VH Head
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    I think there have been some pretty large mis-understandings with regard to who the people are who want to see Roth reunite with Van Halen.

    Roth Heads think "Sensible Shoes" and "Stand Up" desrve accolades. Roth Heads might make excuses for the Las Vegas trip. Roth Heads might feel that Roth solo deserves its own spot in the R&R HOF. Roth Heads think Dave still looks and sounds the same as he did 20 years ago.

    Honestly, I think most people who want to see the Roth reunion are not Roth Heads, but are CLASSIC VAN HALEN HEADS. These are the people who think Unchained is one of the best rock songs in history. They think the dark attitude on Fair Warning make it one of VH's best (if not the best) album of their catalog. They think the diversification of material on Diver Down and 1984 are what defined Van Halen as one of the best of the 80's. The same diversity is what allowed them to get away with songs like "Whiskey", "Women in Love", and Happy Trails, while keeping their raw rock act in tact. This same crowd loved to hear Eddie play guitar, but not speak. This same group appreciated that VH was not meant to be critically acclaimed, nor pop stars, nor #1 hit machines, but more of an insiders' taste that occasionally got picked up by the masses. This is the group who keeps citing the CHEMISTRY of Dave, Ed, Al & Mike as the most importantt value.

    This is NOT a group that despises the Hagar era, but more likely just doesn't have an interest in it. This group repects Hagar the solo artist, and especially his incredible voice. This group is happy that Hagar kept the VH name as successful as it did post-Dave. This group knows that the Hagar era was more easily accepted by the masses. I'll say this story one last time:

    I had a girlfriend who hated VH with Roth. She like the following groups -- Survivor, Air Supply, Ah Ha, and The Carpenters. We even went to see Survivor at Westbury Music Fair in 1986! When Sammy joined and they released "Dreams", she suddenly became a VH fan, and I became sick to my stomach. I am sure she will not want a Roth reunion, but another Sam album might pique her interest. The Hagar music was more popular and more easily accepted by masses.

    I think I am starting to bore myself with this shit. Anyway....

    In the end this debate will (and can) never have a conclusion so, know what or who you want to see and stick wth it, without trying to discredit those who disagree with you.

    Just remember when picking on Roth Tards or Roth Heads, that you may not be arguing with anybody who comes to these boards, but most likely those who reside at The Army or some other PRO ROTH site. This is undoubtably a PRO VAN HALEN site!!

    Just some more useless fodder for thought.

    [ August 24, 2002, 05:28 PM: Message edited by: Rocket ]

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    Good topic for Opinions i'm moving it there.
    Right Now you're reading my post!

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