"Backstage, Hagar said things have been up and down between him and Roth this summer. "Well, they were pretty good just now, you know, but in the beginning of the tour, Dave and I got along pretty good, 'cause we were trying to make it happen. And once it happened, and everybody got used to that, we went back to our old selves, who don't get along. And it's been pretty tense out there backstage many, many times. But, like I said, when we went on stage, Dave does a great show, I do a great show, the fans win, and it was really good. But all the stuff backstage got ugly a couple of times--I had to sleep with the light on twice."



This is was nice to hear as Sammy acknowledged that BOTH of them went back to their old selves, who do not get along. I always knew that this was more the real deal as opposed to "hey I tried to get along with the guy and he didn't want anything to do with me blahblahblah, etc."

Obviously, DLR still has the bigger ego and is probably harder to get along with but its not all one sided and it was big of Sammy to admit it.

This also suggests that Sammy probably is, in fact, sick/or has throat trouble and that is the reason for the cancellation. (I hope this is true anyway)


Well, lets see how long before the next tidbit of news regarding VH comes around =)