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    Hey everybody.
    I'm not usually one to write on here very often i like to watch, you might say.
    But i've got a few thoughts about whats taking so long at 5150.
    First of all, by the sound of Dave's mini-interviews that he's given over the last year, he's NEVER coming back to VH on a long term basis. I know from concert reviews he's in the shape of his life, and his voice has probably never been in better shape. And maybe he and Ed actually DO get along personally. And more of the fans want Dave but all of that doesn't matter. Dave is stuck in nostalgia. He wants to play all the old VH songs, he wants VH to be a nostalgia band. His set lists should give people the clue about why it hasn't worked.
    VH I, II, and Fair warning songs.
    Well, Ed will have none of that. He has said in interviews that he basically wants to show the world how good a player he is, not to us, but to casual fans. He wants a Led Zeppelin 4 type album; or a pink floyd 'wall' album. Dave is never going to be that type of collaborator for him.
    They've tried and tried some more. It's just NOT happening.
    As far as the cancer goes, thats not an issue.
    Alex? If he's sick I hope he recovers as soon as possible. But he's not the big hold up either. Even if alex was totally healthy, they need a singer. Dave is living in the past. So who can do it in the future?
    Sammy. No one else. I know a lot of people here hate that, but its true.
    A fourth singer? I hope to God al, ed, and mike don't try that, if they try, VH will be a laughing stock.
    Sammy is the only one. He is willing to venture into NEW territory. THAT'S what Ed wants, he doesnt need the scream of Dave.
    Sammy has said that if Ed, and Al apologize to him about the shit they and Daniels did to him, he would probably come back.
    It all comes down to pride. Will Eddie, with al being healthy, swallow his pride and say he's sorry to sammy for the percieved crap they gave sammy. When they do, i think things will happen.
    I'm sorry this is such a long post, but i had to say it.

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    25,000 VHL Life PointsThee King
    Going to send this to the Opinions Forum. [img]smile.gif[/img]



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