So lemmee acksk y'all this...this a here IS A GREAT VS. lil' ol' thang sho nuff yez y
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    The Full Bug

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Aw Reep let's cut to the crash where the debris meets the sea meet me in the bottom, bring me my runnin' shoes...sensible shoes...I gotta...well well well..."Love Time"...a lil' Brownsville blues one time all hopped up Full Bug Blacklight special midnight goin' to California Blues Mississipi Saxophone solo ala Daultry or Jagger or Plant or John Lee Hooker or John Brim...but seriously affected folks, checkout thiz cool jibe jive jibberjabbah!!!:

    1Mean Street unplugged DLR Band live on the radio or No Holds Bar-B-Que SAY HELLO TO LIL ELVIS VERSION YALL DIG??

    2Mean Street live Van Halen Fair Warning Tour

    3DLR live in Seattle '02 live at the Gorge...Brian Young great boogily moogily thizz cat is a tomcat sho nuff fo sho!!...

    4Van Cherone 98 Tour...well, Eddie was playin' thiz a herre cut...Cherone uses a Roth patented Positively beligerently enthusiasticly maracas Carribean style at the end...KWS was on black...

    5Eddie's solo durin' all those LONG Hagar yeahrs...awww least it sounded good hearin' Eddie kick it up a notch yez yezzz!!

    6DLR BAND live in '99...first time this a here boogie have been played for a NUMBAH OF SUMMAHS aw riiight!! WEll well well...well well well...wella wella wella wella...

    7DLR wit one or two Jack Daniel's moves [img]graemlins/devil.gif[/img]

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    Fair Warning
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    09.21.23 @ 05:26 AM
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    15,000 VHL Life PointsThee King
    Sweet sassy molassy, All dem sho' nuff brought the P-Funk down on des her cutz, yessa,yessa. Waxin' on down through the rinse cycle of the wickity-wack, with a slammin' jammin' jack, word to your grandfather and back that thang up, owww!

    [ July 19, 2002, 05:40 AM: Message edited by: naturallywired ]



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