View Full Version : DJ Rodney B Demo Daze and Live and Loud

05.04.00, 07:04 AM
I think it is hilarious the way Rodney Bingenheimer(sp?) sounds on the interviews before the RWTD and House of Pain demos,"...so tell us about this tape..."
Cracks me up every time I hear it!

Eat Us And Smile!!!!!!

"...zen and the art of mojo maintenance...we train at the mojo dojo..."

"Oh Jesus,this band has been at each others throats since before the beginning. Once upon a time,no even before that. And out of this conflict comes marvelous,competitive,flame throwing,hallelujah,dump truck size,Bubba's hot barbecue,Watusi couple number two to the dance floor please."

"...this is classic old school hard rock..it's got melodies and it's got end of the world thug riffs.It has a sense of humor to it that is wrap-around smiles..."--David Lee Roth