View Full Version : Tahoe Wabo show 8-5-06

Rock Bottom
08.09.06, 12:06 AM
Wow! Sammy pulled off another great show...but barely! I don't know how he pulled it together but he looked ragged with no energy at all before the show. He and Mikey were limo'd in together but arrived about 20 minutes late. It sounded like he started feeling sick the night before and it didn't get much better the next day. He said, "you hate to throw up in your own back yard!" before excusing himself to rest up before the show. The show itself started about 35 minutes late.

I've been to quite a few of his shows over the years but I was not only privy to the fastest "meet and greet" ever but also the onstage experience this time. If you have the dough(or know someone involved in Cabo Wabo distribution like I do) you have to try it once. Great time indeed! I have some pice and even poor quality video to share with everyone in the next couple days. The best part was going out during Best fo Both Worlds and cruising across the stage right in front of Mikey and then giving Sammy a big hug and a "thank you, man!".

We also bumped into the rest of the band before the show. We were hanging out behind Harvey's Casino before hooking up to meet Sammy and I looked up and saw Mona walking next to us with a couple security guys not far behind. I waved, gave a big, "Hey Mona, good luck tonight", and got big smile in return. No one else around even knew who she was. Well, we decided to wait a bit to see who else might show up. Sure enough, a few minutes later Dave Lauser walks past with security on each side of him. The funniest moment came right after that when I noticed Vic walking towards us. No security and no one had a clue who he was. As he's walking towards our little group I yell, "Hey Vic, where's your security?", he answers, "What?", I said, "Where are your Men In Black, you got jipped!". So he smiles and comes over and I shake his hand and say a few kind words. Then some one in my group convinced him he needed to take a few pics with us. He is one hellava REALLY nice guy.

Like I said, I do have some great pics and I'll post them shortly. My favorite is when Mikey is walking right behind me back stage and the smoke machine goes off right when slows down to say hi. Funny shit!

Definately a show to remember!

08.09.06, 12:04 PM
Sounds very cool man. I live down here in Reno and was thinking about making it up for the show...but my wife is 9 months pregnant and I decided it would be best if I stayed at home! I see you are High in the Sierras. Where about do you live?

Rock Bottom
08.09.06, 10:09 PM
Hey evans! Congrats on the little one on the way! I'm really just a Reno-ite myself. We're almost exactly the same age too. We probably bumped into each other on a bad night at West 2nd St. at some point...

I really try to make as many of Sammy's shows in Tahoe as I can. He won't be doing this 20 years from now so I feel the need to take advantage of his close proximity. Although, even close up, the guy looks frickin' amazing for almost 60. However, the grey roots in gote were showin' pretty bad the other night!

DLR at the Nugget next month...are ya in?!

09.02.06, 12:59 AM
I'm planning on hitting that show. Gotta see the Diamond One. Last time I saw him was during the Skyscraper tour way back when.

Still can't believe he's at the Nugget of all places.