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07.23.06, 10:40 AM
A couple days late on this...

Great show! 7,000 people.. the lawn was empty, but the seats 90% filled. I can't tell you how good it was to hear "Good Enough" and "Summer Nights"... 20 years since we heard 'em.. WOW! Definately the highlight. I know sometimes bands don't want to play songs that weren't hits, but given the reaction of everybody, Sam & Mike may want to add more forgotten gems! (How 'bout "The Dream Is Over"?) Vic is THE man! Weather was perfect for a concert with a nice breeze coming in off of Lake Michigan. I thought the VH set was short by a couple songs, ("Top Of The World" & "Poundcake" would have been nice!), but all in all a much better show than when I saw Sammy in 2005 in Rosemont, IL.

Mas Tequila
One Way To Rock
Rainy Day Women #12 & #35
Girl Gets Around
Rock Candy
Let Me Take You There
Sam I Am
(Guitar Jam)
Little White Lies
Heavy Metal

(Bass Solo)
Runnin’ With The Devil
Why Can’t This Be Love
Good Enough
Summer Nights
Finish What Ya Started
Best Of Both Worlds
Summertime Blues/Fight For Your Right To Party

07.23.06, 02:26 PM
Cool, Runaround it my fav. I saw them in Chi-town and they did Top of the World instead but pretty much the same thing. I don't care what anybody says...Hagar rocks!

07.23.06, 07:27 PM
Can't believe there was nobody in the lawn! Indy was damn near packed to the gills. Weird. Seems to be the same show we saw, which rocked so I bet you had a good time!

07.23.06, 09:17 PM
Can't believe there was nobody in the lawn! Indy was damn near packed to the gills. Weird. Seems to be the same show we saw, which rocked so I bet you had a good time!

There seems to be a strange set-up in the lawn at the Marcus Amphitheater. About 1/2 of it is taken up by bleachers... which had a handful of people in 'em. So the lawn looked REALLY far away from the stage, and, my guess, a lousy seat.

The bleachers might be new... I dont think it was like that when I was here in 2000. Anyone?

07.23.06, 09:32 PM
I'm pretty sure in Pittsburgh they played the same list (maybe mixed around a bit)except they played TOTW, too. Vic is a pretty good sub for Ed with the way they do the songs. Impressed the hell out me. RWTD live was incredible for me, Mikey sang his ass off in Pitt.



07.24.06, 01:26 PM
Posted: July 22, 2006

The Church of Van Halen is divided into two rival camps. There is the Cult of Diamond Dave and the Sect of Sam.

In the interest of full disclosure, this listener would belong in the Diamond Dave pew. To these ears, Sammy Hagar - either solo or fronting Van Halen - always seemed like a journeyman hard rock pounder.

That said, honesty compels me to admit that Sammy and the Wabos put on a first class, non-stop Brain Fry and Liver Stomp Jamboree Friday night at the Marcus Amphitheater. For a guy on the cusp of 59, Hagar puts together a relentless rock 'n' roll circus that's pretty much devoid of any breathers. Like Kenny Chesney, Hagar has taken to emulating Jimmy Buffett's beachcomber party vibe. In fact, the opening video referenced both Chesney and Buffett, and the stage was adorned with thatched umbrellas, palm trees and a margarita bar staffed with a comely squad of leggy barmaids.

Hagar has his own cantina in California and produces his own line of tequila, so the very first tune was an advertisement of sorts: "Mas Tequila."

Throughout the evening the waitress staff would serve Sam an endless stream of margaritas, most of which he ended up spraying over the first few rows. There were probably designated drivers in row three who never touched a drop and still ended up half in the bag.

The whole show is sort of a full tilt frat party. Several times Sam wrapped himself in banners tossed up by adoring fans, and if they'd broken out the togas it would have fit right in. Right after "Mas Tequila" Sam used a guitar to pulverize a giant piñata in the shape of a tequila bottle.

The set list was front loaded with party anthems. Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" became a boozy crowd sing-along. One of Hagar's new songs, "Mexico," extols the local beverages but warns gringos to stay away from the water.

Another new tune, "Sam I Am," offers a glimpse of what we might have had if the script to "Animal House" had been written by Dr. Seuss, with Hagar tearing across the stage in out-sized Cat in the Hat apparel. The lyric actually has a Seussian cadence: "I ain't no perfect man; but Sam I am."

The first half of the gig was new tunes, Hagar originals like "I Can't Drive 55," and even a sprinkling of Montrose anthems like "Rock Candy," which mixes confectionary delights with another variety of sweets.

For the second half of the gig, Hagar brought out Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony. Not many rock bands have ever been defined by their bassist, and Van Halen was certainly no exception. Moving Anthony to center stage tends to unmask him as a hammy repository of clichéd rock star postures and theatrics. Anthony's appearance also indirectly elicited what was the evening's only outbreak of crowd hostility. In explaining how Anthony ended up on the tour, Hagar quoted him as weighing whether he wanted to join the Wabos or "wait another five or 10 years to see what the brothers want to do." There was a smattering of boos over that one.

Sammy and the Wabos went out with a closing barrage of sexual guidance in "Finish What You Started," and apolitical militancy in "Fight for Your Right to Party."

By the end, Hagar had a giant conga line of fans snaking across the stage while he signed autographs and cavorted with the barmaids. It was one of those rare shows with no encores but no grumbles. Sammy Hagar may not be a world class talent, but he gives you everything he's got.

07.24.06, 03:09 PM
Was at the St. Louis show Saturday. Not a big surprise, but it was sold out. 22,000 people. Good show. Wasn't loud enough from where I was though. Wonder what will happen after the tour.